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Fellows of the Borneo Research Council

Fellows are scholars who are professionally engaged in research in Borneo or using such research in their own studies.

The privileges of Fellows include (1) participation in the organization and activities of the Council; (2) the right to form committees of Fellows to deal with special problems or interests; (3) support of the Council's program of furthering research in the social, biological, and medical sciences in Borneo; (4) subscription to the Borneo Research Bulletin.

The Fellows of the Council serve as a pool of knowledge and expertise on Borneo matters which may be drawn upon to deal with specific problems both in the field of research and in the practical application of scientific knowledge.

Fellowship includes the privilege of a 25% discount on Monographs, Proceedings, and past issues of the Borneo Research Bulletin.

Members of the Borneo Research Council

Membership is open to all individuals who are interested in research in the social, medical, and biological sciences in Borneo and support the goals of the Council. Individual subscribers to the Bulletin are registered automatically as Members.

Members receive a 10% discount on all BRC publications.

Cost of Joining

2011 Rates US Dollars Malaysian


$35 RM 54
Member $30 RM 46
Spouse $10 RM 16
Student $20 RM 31
Library $30 RM 92

We are able to subsidize a small number of Fellowships and Memberships. We actively solicit requests for a further reduced rate.

****Note: The reduced rates above are available only for individuals in Malaysia. Subscriptions and orders by institutions, government departments and booksellers remain at the U.S. Dollar rates listed above.


Invoicing for fees is done on an annual basis separately and not by volume of the Bulletin, as we are a membership organization.

This has become necessary because inserting invoices with the Bulletin has proven to have two drawbacks: individuals tend to overlook the invoices; and if an address has changed, the Bulletin is neither forwarded or returned to the Council so that we do not know whether it has been received or not.

You can download a membership invoice using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, click here for a free download.

Invoice in US dollars.

Invoice in Malaysian ringgit.



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