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Thanks to Mark Turin of Digital Himalaya for digitizing volumes of the Borneo Research Council for access here. We are digitizing vols. 1-30, and they will be added here as they become available.

pdf copies of the Borneo Research Bulletin are available for volume 1, no. 1. 1969

through Volume 30, 2000, with the exception of vol. 5, no. 1, 1973.

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Volume 1, No. 1, 1969

Anon. 1969. The Randolph Conference. Vol.1(1):1-2.

Volume 1, No. 2, 1969

Anon. 1969. Formation of the Borneo Research Committee. Vol. 1(2):7-8.

Harrisson, Barbara and Tom Harrisson. 1969. Primate Research and Conservation. Vol. 1(2):8-9.

Harrisson, Barbara and Tom Harrisson. 1969. Marine Conservation. Vol. 1(2):9.

Inger, F. R. 1969. Research on Tropical Ecosystems in Sarawak and Sabah. Vol. 1(2):10.

Appell, G. N. 1969. Inventory of Urgent Anthropological Research For Borneo: I. Vol. 1(2):10-12.

Appell, G. N. 1969. The Status of Research Among the Northern and Southern Murut. Vol. 1(2)18-21.

Volume 2, No. 1, 1970

Horr, David Agee. 1970. Primate Research and Conservation in Borneo. Vol. 2(1):2-3.

Whyte, R. O. 1970. Archaeology and History of the Gramineae. Vol. 2(1):3-4.

Blust, Robert A. 1970. New Subgrouping of the Languages of West Borneo. Vol. 2(1):4-5.

Appell, G. N. 1970. Inventory of Urgent Anthropological Research For Borneo: II. Vol. 2(1):5-7.

Pike, Michael. 1970. Pottery Making By Dusunic and Bajau Groups In Sabah. Vol. 2(1):7-8.

Whittier, Herbert. 1970. The Punan of East Kalimantan. Vol. 2(1):9.

Clayre, Iain F. C. S. 1970. Notes On the Sa'ban Language. Vol. 2(1):9.

Harrisson, Tom. 1970. Malaysia and Related Research From Japan. Vol. 2(1):9-11.

Robertson, J. F. 1970. Publications of the Town and Country Planning Branch of the Sabah Lands and Surveys Department. Vol. 2(1):12-14.

Harrisson, Tom. 1970. Notes on Borneo Research. Vol. 2(1):14-16.

Appell, G. N. 1970. Kalimantan Timber Concessions Pose Challenge to Urgent Research. Vol. 2(1):16-17.

Appell, G. N. 1970. The Genetic Erosion of the Indigenous Cultivars of Borneo and the Salvaging of Valuable Germ Plasm. Vol. 2(1):17-19.

Volume 2, No. 2, 1970

Inger, Robert F. 1970. Ecological Research in the Third Division, Sarawak. Vol. 2(2):31-32.

Lockard, Craig A. 1970. A Study of the History of Kuching. Vol. 2(2):32-33.

Shulman, Frank J. 1970. Recent Doctoral Dissertations on Borneo. Vol. 2(2):33-35.

Rousseau, Jérôme. 1970. Bibliography of Borneo Bibliographies. Vol. 2(2):35-36.

Comber, J. 1970. Inventory of Urgent Anthropological Research for Borneo: III--The Lengilu. Vol. 2(2):36.

Appell, G. N. 1970. Reorganization of the Borneo Research Council. Vol. 2(2):36-38.

Harrisson, Tom. 1970. West Borneo Field Report. Vol. 2(2):38-43.

Radford, G. L. 1970. The IBP/CT Check Sheet Survey for Borneo: Request for Cooperation. Vol. 2(2):43-44.

Anon. 1970. Recent Developments in Linguistic Research in Borneo. Vol. 2(2):45-46.

Lily Nikulina. 1970. L. Nikulina's Research in Kalimantan. Vol. 2(2):46-47.

Robertson, J. F. 1970. Publications of the Town and Country Planning Branch of the Sabah Lands and Surveys Department (Continued). Vol. 2(2):47.

Appell, G. N. 1970. Information for Foreign Students on Study in the United States. Vol. 2(2):48-49.

Volume 3, No. 1, 1971

Wortmann, J. R. 1971. Milestones in the History of Kutai, Kalimantan-Timur, Borneo. Vol. 3(1):5-6.

Harrisson, Tom. 1971. New Radio-Carbon (C-14) Dates from Brunei Vol. 3(1):7-8.

Crisswell, Colin Neil. 1971. The Establishment of a Residency in Brunei 1881-1905. Vol. 3(1):8-10.

Sather, C. A. 1971. Bajau Pottery-making in the Semporna District. Vol. 3(1):10-11.

Sather, C. A. 1971. Bajau Villages in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia. Vol. 3(1):11-12.

Ingleson, J. E. 1971. James Brooke and British Political Activities in Borneo and Sulu 1839-1868: Local Influences on the Determination of Imperial Policy. Vol. 3(1):12-13.

Crain, Jay B. 1971. History of Missionary Activity in Borneo: A Bibliographic Note. Vol. 3(1):13-14.

Deegan, James L. 1971. Report on Anthropological Field Work Among the Lun Bawang (Murut) People of Sarawak. Vol. 3(1):14-15.

LOH Chee-Seng. 1971. Sabah Timber Exports: 1950-1968. Vol. 3(1):16-17.

Appell, G. N. 1971. Systems of Land Tenure in Borneo: A Problem in Ecological Determinism. Vol.3(1):17-20.

Hairston, Nelson G. 1971. Responsibility in Biological Field Work. Vol. 3(1):20-22.

Radford, G. L. 1971. Developments in Section CT: Conservation-- International Biological Programme. Vol. 3(1):23-24.

Weldon, Peter D. 1971. An Analysis of Developmental Change Among the Iban. Vol. 3(1):25.

Marshall, A. G. 1971. Institute of South-East Asian Biology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland--U. K. Vol. 3(1):25-26.

Jaspan, M. A. 1971. Borneo Studies at the University of Hull. Vol. 3(1):26-27.

Appell, G. N. 1971. Request for Information on Tumbaga, A Gold-Copper Alloy. Vol. 3(1):27.

Anon. 1971. Major Investments by Shell and Weyerhaeuser in Borneo. Vol. 3(1):27.

Volume 3, No. 2, 1971

Kiefer, Thomas M. 1971. The Sultanate of Sulu: Problems in the Analysis of a Segmentary State. Vol. 3(2):46-51.

Wortmann, J. R. 1971. The Sultanate of Kutai, Kalimantan-Timur: A Sketch of the Traditional Political Structure. Vol. 3(2):51-55.

Brown, D. E. 1971. Brunei and the Bajau. Vol. 3(2):55-58.

Sather, Clifford. 1971. Sulu's Political Jurisdiction Over the Bajau Laut. Vol. 3(2):58-62.

Black, I. D. 1971. The Political Situation in Sabah on the Eve of Chartered Company Rule. Vol. 3(2):62-65.

Casino, Eric. 1971. Some Notes on Sociopolitical Change Among the Jama Mapun. Vol. 3(2):65-66.

Grijpstra, Bouwe G. 1971. Cooperation and Development Among the Bidayuh. Vol. 3(2):67-68.

Jaspan, M. A. 1971. Formation of the Sumatra Research Council and the Founding of the Berita Kadjian Sumatera (Sumatra Research Bulletin). Vol. 3(2):69-70.

King, Victor T. 1971. Research into the Social Structure and Belief Systems of the Iban and Related Peoples of West Kalimantan. Vol.3(2):70-71.

Harrisson, Tom. 1971. Research on the Tarsier in Borneo. Vol.3(2):71.

Volume 4, No. 1, 1972

Rousseau, Jérôme. 1972. The Belaga District of Sarawak. Vol. 4(1):3-8.

Fitzgerald, Denis P. 1972. Pioneer Settlement in Southern and East Kalimantan. Vol. 4(1):9-12.

Blust, Robert A. 1972. Report of Linguistic Field Work Undertaken in Sarawak. Vol. 4(1):12-14.

Sawai, Yoshio. 1972. A Study of Snakebite in Sarawak. Vol. 4(1):14-15.

Crisswell, Colin. 1972. A Select Bibliography of Published Works in English With Relevance to Bornean History. Vol. 4(1):15-22.

Clayre, I. F. C. S. 1972. Melanau Studies. Vol. 4(1):22-23.

Molony, Carol. 1972. Conference on the Peoples of the Southern Philippines. Vol. 4(1):24-26.

Siong, Henry C. Tsen Khin. 1972. Research on the Natural History of Sabah by the Sabah Museum. Vol. 4(1):26-27.

Cobbe, James H. 1972. Review of Budu, or, Twenty Years in Sarawak, by John K. Wilson. Vol. 4(1):32-33.

Pringle, Robert. 1972. Review of The Origins of British Borneo, by L. R. Wright. Vol. 4(1):33.

Sather, Clifford. 1972. Review of The North Borneo Chartered Company's Administration of the Bajau, 1878-1909: The Pacification of a Maritime, Nomadic People, by James F. Warren. Vol. 4(1):33-34.

Volume 4, No. 2, 1972

Schneider, William M. 1972. A Note on Selako Social Organization. Vol. 4(2):39-42.

Nimmo, H. Arlo. 1972. Bajau Communities in Southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. Vol. 4(2):42-43.

Burrough, Josephine Boenisch. 1972. Tamus in Sabah. Vol. 4(2):43-46.

Horr, David Agee. 1972. The Borneo Orang-utan. Vol. 4(2):46-50.

Shariffuddin, P. M. 1972. Notes from the Brunei Museum. Vol. 4(2):50

Harrisson, Tom. 1972. Museum News and Notes from Borneo. Vol. 4(2):51.

Cooley, F. L. 1972. Contents of Br. Fridolin Ukur's Dissertation entitled Djawab Suku Dajuk (Challenge Response-Ethnic Dayaks). Vol. 4(2):51-52.

Collier, William L. 1972. Activities of the Agro Economic Survey in Kalimantan. Vol. 4(2):52.

Harrisson, Tom. 1972. Delft Ethnographic Museums: Special Borneo Exhibition, 1973. Vol. 4(2):52-53.

Volume 5, No. 1, 1973

Solheim, Wilhelm G., II. 1973. Remarks on the Prehistory of Sabah and Southeast Asian Archaeology. Vol. 5(1):3-6.

Horr, D. A. 1973. Orang-utan Watching: A Day In the Life. Vol. 5(1):7-10.

Rubenstein, Carol. 1973. Translation Project of the Indigenous Songs and Chants of Sarawak. Vol. 5(1):10-12.

Grijpstra, Bouwe G. 1973. Sociological Research in Rural Development. Vol. 5(1):12-16.

Hardaker, M. B. 1973. Tausug--A Discussion of the Language. Vol. 5(1):16-18.

Harrisson, Barbara. 1973. Research on Orang-utan Ecology by Biruté Galdikas-Brindamour. Vol. 5(1):18-19.

Brown, Donald. 1973. The Brunei Language and Literary Bureau. Vol. 5(1):19.

Rixhon, Gerard. 1973. Coordinated Investigation of Sulu Culture, Jolo, Sulu. Vol. 5(1):19-21.

Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. 1973. Sinaut Agricultural Project Brunei. 1973. Vol. 5(1):21-23.

Court, Patricia. 1973. A Bibliography on the Music of Sarawak: Request for Assistance. Vol. 5(1):23-24.

IUCN Bulletin. 1973. Convention to Control Trade in Threatened Wildlife: Stock-piling of Endangered Animals by Traders Anticipated. Vol. 5(1):24-25.

Volume 5, No. 2, 1973

Dixon, Gale. 1973. Geographical Research in Borneo. Vol. 5(2):47-49.

Whittier, Herbert L. 1973. A Data Source From Kalimantan - APDN Skripsi. Vol. 5(2):49-57.

Morris, Paul G. 1973. Some Preliminary Notes on Sabah Coral Reefs. Vol. 5(2):57-61.

Niemitz, Carsten. 1973. Field Research on the Horsfield's Tarsier (Tarsius Boncanus) at Sarawak Museum. Vol. 5(2):61-63.

de Silva, G. S. 1973. Snake Bite. Vol. 5(2):63.

Liew That Chim. 1973. News from Sabah Foresters. Vol. 5(2):63-64.

Appell, G. N. 1973. Mammals of Borneo Whose Survival is Threatened. Vol. 5(2):64-66.

Appell, G. N. 1973. Recent Research Projects Supported by the Agricultural Development Council. Vol. 5(2):66-67.

Volume 6, No. 1, 1974

Lindburg, Donald G. 1974. Socio-ecology of Macaca fascicularis: A Primate Research Project in East Kalimantan. Vol. 6(1):3.

Whittier, Herbert L. 1974. The Meaning of the Terms Long, Uma', and Lepo among the Kenyah. Vol. 6(1):3-4.

Dixon, Gale. 1974. Dayak Land Tenure: An Alternative to Ecological Determinism. Vol. 6(1):5-15.

Sather, C. A. 1974. Cultural Affiliations in Eastern Sabah and Sulu Province. Vol. 6(1):15-16.

Hardaker, M. B. 1974. Racial and Cultural Associations Accepted by the Peoples of Sabah and Sulu. Vol. 6(1):16-18.

Galdikas-Brindamour, Biruté. 1974. Orangutan Project, Correction. Vol. 6(1):18.

Volume 6, No. 2, 1974

King, Victor. 1974. Some Suggestions for Future Research in West Kalimantan. Vol. 6(2):31-38.

King, Victor. 1974. Notes on Punan and Bukat in West Kalimantan. Vol. 6(2):39-42.

Whittier, H. L. 1974. The Distribution of Punan in East Kalimantan. Vol. 6(2):42-48.

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Harrisson, Tom. 1974. Review of Zamboanga and Sulu, An Archaeoogical Approach to Ethnic Diversity, by Dr. Alexander Spoehr. Vol. 6(2):64-65.

Harrisson, Tom. 1974. Review of Chinese and Annamese Ceramics found in the Philippines and Indonesia, by Adrian Joseph. Vol. 6(2):65.

Volume 7, No. 1, 1975

Harrisson, Tom. 1975. Further Notes on Sarawak and Kalimantan Punan (and Penan). Vol. 7(1):3-4.

Kimball, Linda Amy. 1975. The Concept of Malaria in Brunei Malay Indigenous Medicine. Vol. 7(1):5-11.

King, Victor. 1975. Further Problems in Bornean Land Tenure Systems: Comments on an Argument. Vol. 7(1):12-16.

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Volume 7, No. 2, 1975

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Volume 8, No. 1, 1976

Sather, C. A. 1976. Kadayan Settlement in the Miri District of Sarawak. Vol. 8(1):3-12.

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Volume 8, No. 2, 1976

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Volume 9, No. 1, 1977

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Volume 9, No. 2, 1977

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Volume 10, No. 1 1978

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Volume 10, No. 2 1978

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Volume 11, No. 1, 1979

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Volume 11, No. 2, 1979

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Volume 12, No. 1, 1980

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Volume 13, No. 1, 1981

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Volume 14, No. 1, 1982

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Volume 14, No. 2, 1982

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Volume 15, No. 1, 1983

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