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  Change and Development in Borneo  
  Selected Papers from the First Extraordinary Conference of the Borneo Research Council, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, August 4-9, 1990  

Vinson H. Sutlive, Jr., Editor


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ISBN 0-9629568-2-1




Introduction by Vinson Sutlive

Section One - Current and Future Research in Borneo

Current and Future Research: The Role of the Sabah Museum
by Patricia Regis

The Making of a Development Plan for Sabah: Issues, Problems, and Solutions by Pang Teck Wai

Section Two - Borneo Hunter Gatherers

The Punan Question and the Reconstruction of Borneo's Culture History by Bernard J. L. Sellato

Kelabits, Sa'bans, Kenyahs, and Their Penan Neighbors: Partners in Development by Ose Murang

Hunting and Gathering: A View from Within by Jayl Langub

Section Three - Customary and State Law

Kenyah Shifting Cultivators and Indonesian Natural Resource Law by Sandra Moniaga

Towards a Redefinition the Role of Adat in Central Borneo by Antonio J. Guerreiro

Gelenggang Dahulu: A Glimpse of Sabah's Native Court System in 1965 by Peter R. Goethals

Section Four - The Changing Family in Borneo

An Ethnographic Study of the Iban Bilik-Family by Kazunori Oshima

Demography and Social Organization in Borneo by Reed Wadley

The Changing Family Structure of the Chinese in Borneo by Richard C. Fidler

Section Five - The Bidayuh

The Bidayuh of Sarawak: A Historical Overview with Special Reference to Settlement Patterns by Robert L. Winzler

Socio-Economic Awakening Among the Bidayuhs by Peter Minos

Long-term Change Among the Bidayuh: The Desirability of a Restudy by Bouwe G. Grijpstra

Section Six - Material Culture

Kelabit Beads by Monica Hughes Janowski

Melanau Material Culture: Glimpses of an Aesthetic Past by Aloysius Dris

The Borneo Collections of W. L. Abbott (1860-1936) at the Smithsonian by Paul Michael Taylor and Roy W. Hamilton

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