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  Female and Male in Borneo: Contributions and Challenges to Gender Studies  

Vinson H. Sutlive, Jr., Editor


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ISBN 0-9629568-0-5 



Little is known about human sexuality in Borneo.  From information available, we may make a number of generalizations:

  • in all the indigenous societies women’s roles are highly valued
  • strategies for the socialization of children for the roles of female or male are as diverse as Borneo’s ethnic groups
  • there is considerable variation in attitudes and openness about sex
  • insofar as evidence is available rape does not occur within the societies represented in this volume


Vinson Sutlive was born and grew up in Alabama.  He was educated at Asbury College (B.A., Psychology), Vanderbilt University (B.D.), Scarritt College (M.A. in Foreign Studies), and the University of Pittsburgh (Ph.D. in Anthropology).  In 1957, he and his wife, Joanne Veydt Sutlive, went with their children to Sarawak, where they worked as missionaries until 1972, when Dr. Sutlive was appointed to the Department of Anthropology of The College of William and Mary.  He served as department chair for 11 years.  He is Executive Director of the Borneo Research Council.  He is Editor-in-Chief of The Encyclopedia of Iban Studies, a four-volume work.




Introduction - Vinson Sutlive and George N. Appell

Sex Role Symmetry Among the Rungus of Sabah - Laura W. R. Appell

Individuation of the Drives of Sex and Aggression in the Linguistic and Behavioral Repertoire of the Rungus -
G. N. Appell

Latah Behavior by Females Among the Rungus of Sabah Amity Appell Doolittle

The Children of Nising: Images of Headhunting and Male Sexuality in Iban Ritual and Oral Literature - Julian Davison and Vinson Sutlive

Warriors and Weavers: A Study of Gender Relations Among the Iban of Sarawak - Valerie Mashman

The Cultural Logic of Textile Weaving Practices Among the Ibanic People - Richard Allen Drake

"Meanwhile, Back Home" Bejalai and Their Effects on Iban Men and Women - Peter M. Kedit

Latah in Sarawak, with Special Reference to the Iban - Robert L. Winzeler

The Anger Within the Flesh of the House: Mengalong Lun Dayeh Cosmology as Argument About Babies and Birds - Jay B. Crain

Male/Female Distinction Among the Selako - William M. and Mary Jo Schneider

Kadayan Men and Women - Allen R. Maxwell

Gender and Class in Central Borneo - Jérôme Rousseau

On "The Watersnake Which is Also a Hornbill": Male and Female in Ngaju Dayak Mortuary Symbology - Anne Schiller

The Penis Pin: An Unsolved Problem in the Relations Between The Sexes in Borneo - Donald E. Brown

European-Indigenous Miscegenation and Social Status in Nineteenth Century Borneo - Robert H. W. Reece

Keling and Kumang in Town: Urban Migration and Differential Effects on Iban Women and Men - Vinson Sutlive

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