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  Indigenous Architecture in Borneo  
  Traditional Patterns and New Developments. Including Papers from the Fourth Biennial International Conference of the Borneo Research Council, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam, June 10-15, 1996  

Robert L. Winzeler, Editor


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ISBN 0-9629568-4-8




Introduction by Robert L. Winzeler

House Building, Mobility, and Architectural Variation in Central Borneo by Timothy C. Jessup

The Traditional House of the Uma' Leken Kayan of East Kalimantan by Balan Laway

From Bang Tetel to Bawang: Patterns of Transformation and Coherence in Lundayeh-Lun Bawang Architecture by Vicki Pearson-Rounds and Jay B. Crain

The Modang Men's House in Regard to Social and Cultural Values by Antonio J. Guerriero

Two Patterns of Architectural Change in Borneo by Robert L. Winzeler

The Politics of Longhouse Architecture Among the Mualang of Belingtang Hulu by Richard Allen Drake

Tourism, Cultural Change and the Architecture of Iban Longhouses in Sarawak by William Kruse

Men's Houses and the Representation of Culture Among the Bidayuh by Robert L. Winzeler

Modern Architecture and Provincial Identity in Kalimantan by Bernard Sellato

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