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  The Seductive Warp Thread: An Evolutionary History of Ibanic Weaving  

Michael Heppell


Price $50.00

ISBN 1-929900-16-3







1. Introduction

  • The Ibanic
  • Plaiting and Weaving
  • Vestiges of an Archaic Agricultural Past

2.The Flight from a Single God

  • Ibanic Migrations
  • Migration from the Kayung
  • Migration along the Coast
  • Dating the Migrations
  • Agriculture, Warfare and Weaving
  • Conclusion

3.The Establishment of Difficulty

  • Women Skilled in Brocading and Knotting
  • Women Skilled in the Art of Tying
  • Women Who Produce Original Designs and Fold Warp Threads Accurately
  • Women Skilled in Preparing Yarns for Dyeing
  • Women Skilled in Singing Heads
  • Women of Skill and Dexterity
  • An Alternative Scenario
  • The Triumph of Economy of Action

4. Memory and its Loss

5.The Triumph of Difficulty

  • A Perfect Match
  • Competition
  • Sexual Selection
  • Costly Signalling
  • Symmetry    
  • The Indomitable Weaver
  • Conclusion

6. Lyrics in the Warp Thread

  • Stylistic Variation
  • Settlement and Nature
  • The Lowerworld
  • Fertility and Agriculture
  • Fertility and Warfare
  • Conclusion

7. The Conservation of Memory and Sexual Selection

APPENDIX 1: The Dismembering of Memory

  • Methodological Considerations in the Study of Iban Weaving
  • Decoration
  • Symbolic Representations
  • Lower and Upperworlds
  • Tree of Life
  • Conserving the Record
  • Conclusion

APPENDIX 2: Genealogies

  • Genealogy 1. Jugah, Runggah, Chaung and Kerebau
  • Genealogy 2. Randai
  • Genealogy 3. Jelian and Pateh Ambau
  • Genealogy 4. OKP Dana Bayang



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