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  Advances in Research on Linguistic and Cultural Practices in Borneo  

Peter Sercombe, Michael Boutin,

and Adrian Clynes, Editors


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ISBN 1-929900-18-X






Introduction (Editors)

Eulogy to Peter Martin (Editors)

 Language & Society

1. Songs from Long Peluan (Valerie Mashman)

2. Teaching an Unwritten Language: Tutong Language (Noor Azam Haji-Othman)

3. The Praxis of Language Choice among Benawas Speakers: Towards Understanding Multilingualism in Western Borneo (James T. Collins)

4. Borneo Language Revitalization:  What Should Communities Aim to Revitalize?  Languages, Varieties, or Subvarieties? (James McLellan)


   Cultural Practices

5. Pigs and People in the Kelabit Highlands, Sarawak (Monica Janowski)

6. Lati’ Ba’: Wet-Rice Cultivation in the Heart of Borneo  (Jayl Langub)


   Language Description

7. A Preliminary Typology of the Languages of Middle Borneo  (Beatrice Clayre)

8. Brunei Malay: An Overview (Adrian Clynes)

9. Nominal and Emphatic Negation in Borneo (Paul Kroeger)

10. New Lessons from Borneo Kinship: Denominal Kinship Verbs in Bonggi (Michael Boutin)

11. Notes on the Morphology of Òma Lóngh: The Most Divergent of the Kenyah Languages (Antonia Soriente)

12. The Noun Phrase in Standard Malay and Myanmar/Burmese Compared: Pedagogical Implications for L1 Burmese Speakers (Khin Khin Aye & Peter Sercombe)


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