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  Rural Development and Social Science Research: Case Studies From Borneo  
  Cases from Borneo, Papers from the Fourth Biennial International Conference, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam  

Victor T. King, Editor


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ISBN 0-9629568-9-9




The Theory and Practice of Development by Victor T. King

Research Strategies, Conservation Objectives and Community Participation: The Third Phase of the Culture and Conservation Program, Kayan-Mentarang Project WWF/IP by Cristina Eghenter

Drawing on Local Knowledge: Community Mapping as a Tool for People's Participation in Conservation Management by Frank Momberg, Ketut Dedy, Timothy Jessup, and Jefferson Fox

Sabah and Sarawak in the Malaysian Economy by Wee Chong Hui

Nutrition in Sarawak: Its Relationship to Rural Developement by Arabella E. Duffield and Simon S. Strickland

Environmental Change, Local Responses, and the Notion of "Development" in Sarawak by Victor T. King and Michael J. G. Parnwell

Environmental Change and Kampung Livelihoods in Eastern Sabah by Jennifer Nyuk Wo Lim, Ian Douglas, and Keith Sutton

Roads, Remoteness, and Rural Development: Social Impacts of Rural Roads in Upland Areas of Sarawak, Malaysia by J. Windle and R. A. Cramb

Rural Cooperative Societies and Community Development in Sarawak by Dimbab Ngidang and Abdul Rashid Abdullah

Commercial Handicraft Production as a Source of Economic Empowerment in Rural Sarawak, Malaysia by Madeline Berma

Involvement of an Iban Longhouse in the Timber Industry by Kazunori Oshima

Wet Rice in Inner Borneo: The Social and Physical Ecology of the Lundayeh/Lun Bawang Lati' Ba' System by Jay B. Crain and Vicki Pearson-Rounds

The Strengths of the Past: Foundation for Development: Springboard to the Future by G. N. Appell

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