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  The Seen and the Unseen: Shamanism, Mediumship and Possession in Borneo  

    Robert L. Winzeler, Editor


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This second monograph deals with spirituality – with its psychological roots, its symbolic elaboration and performance.  Traditions of shamanism, mediumship, and possession in Borneo are rich, complex, and diverse.  The essays, which compromise this volume, document and analyze a much wider range of ethnographic instances than has previously been assembled.  Together they show both the enduring vitality of Bornean spirituality as practice, belief, and role and the evolving development of these in the present world


The editor, Robert L. Winzler, Ph.D. (University of Chicago, Anthropology) is Professor of Anthropology, the University of Nevada, Reno.  He has done fieldwork in Kelantan, in peninsular Malaysia, as well as in Sarawak, on various topics and is the author of a forthcoming book on latah in Malaya, Borneo Java.


Preface - Vincent H. Sutlive, Jr.

Introduction: Shaman, Priest, and Spirit Medium: Religious Specialists, Tradition and Innovation in Borneo - Robert L. Winzeler


To Converse With the Gods: Rungus Spirit Mediums - George N. Appell and Laura W. R. Appell

To Do Battle With the Spirits: Bulusu' Spirit Mediums - Laura W. R. Appell and George N. Appell

Shamanism Among the Oya Melanau - H. S. Morris

From Shamans to Priests: Towards the Professionalization of Religious Specialist Among the Kayan - Jêrôme Rousseau

Canoes for the Spirits: Two Types of Spirit Mediumship in Central Kalimantan - Sian E. Jay


The Shaman's Destiny: Symptoms, Affliction, and the Re-interpretation of Illness Among the Taman - Jay Bernstein

Spirit Possession as Exculpation: The Chinese of Sarawak - Richard C. Fidler


Performance, Effectiveness and the Iban Manang - Robert J. Barrett

Shaman and Fool: Representation of the Shaman in Iban Comic Fables - Clifford Sather

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