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  Shifting Patterns of Language Use in Borneo  
  Papers from the Second Biennial International Conference, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, July, 1992  

Peter W. Martin, Editor


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ISBN 0-9629568-5-6




Introduction by Peter W. Martin

Linguistic relations among Bornean peoples with special reference to Sarawak: an interim report by A. B. Hudson

A preliminary update to the language situation in Sabah by Julie K. King

An overview of linguistic research on Sarawk by Asmah Hj Martin

Linguistic research in Brunei Darussalam: a review by Peter W. Martin

The influence of acculturation on bilingual education in Brunei Darussalam by Gary M. Jones

Marginalization of language: the case of Iban in Sarawak by Ariggin Omar and Teoh Boon Seong

Language shift among the Orang Miriek of Miri, Sarawak by Bibi Aminah Abdul Ghani and Abang Ahmad Ridzuan

Language use among the Kelabit living in urban centers by Peter W. Martin and Eileen Yen

The Penan of Brunei: patters of linguistic interaction by Peter W. Martin and Peter G. Sercombe

Final Shifts: some why's and how's of Brunei-Dusun convergence on Malay by Eva Maria Kershaw

Questions of language choice for speakers of Bau-Jagoi Bidayuh: a micro-analysis by James McLellan

Sa'ban: a case of language change by Beatrice Clayre

Syntactic changes in Malay by Soepomo Poedjosoedarmo

Sources of influence for phonetic and phonological change in Malay dialects of Brunei by Gloria Poedjosoedarmo

Ambiguity in Sarawak Malay pronouns: a semantic and pragmatic analysis by Paul R. Kroeger

Preliminary notes on Berau Malay by James T. Collins

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