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  Fishing, Hunting and Headhunting in the Former Culture of the Ngaju Dayak in Central Kalimantan  

A. H. Klokke, Editor

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ISBN 1-929900-05-08



The manuscripts presented here are partly from the legacy of H. Shaerer:

The notes on fishing and hunting, written by Numan Kunum, teacher at Tbg. Lahang, were completed in 1938. The provenance of the manuscript on headhunting is directly from the writer, Reverend Ison Birim, who had also written it in Tbg. Lahang in 1938 at the request of Schaerer.

The notes on fishing and hunting are important because there are few reports on these subjects, and it is said that nowadays much of this old craftsmanship has got in disuse.

Literature on the actual practice of headhunting are much scarcer than that on religious practices and the burial of the dead. In fact Birim's report on headhunting reads as a compelling eyewitness report, though Birim could only have obtained the material from eyewitnesses who lived before the abolition of headhunting in 1894.







1. Gawi Malauk Marak Utus Dayak, by Numan Kunum

Fishing among the Dayak

2. Gawi Mampatei Meto Marak utus Dayak, by Numan Kunum

Hunting Animals among the Dayak

3. Manggau Meto Marak Utus Dayak, by Katuah Mai

Hunting Animals among the Dayak

4. Auch Helo Tahiu Manganyau, by Ison Birim

The Story About Headhunting

1. The Antang and the Patoha in a Recent Letter
2. List of Fish in Central Kalimantan
3. List of Birds in Central Kalimantan




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